Math Strategies

  • Do you know your facts?

    In 2nd Grade it is important that you learn all of your basic addition and subtraction math facts.  Practicing your facts doesn't have to be a chore and can actually be a little fun.  If you have a way that you practice your facts and it isn't listed below, make sure to tell me and I'll post it on this site. 

    • Visit math websites by clicking here or look under the links page. and other sites have fun games. 

    • Use playing cards with a partner.  Divide them equally and each place a card down at the same time.  Whoever can add or subtract them first (depending on the skill you are working on) gets to keep the cards.  The player with the most cards at the end wins!  You can also play this game with a pair of dice.
    • Create your own flashcards or purchase them at the store.  I think I've seen them for sale at the Dollar Tree before.   There are also math websites that will make them for you too!  

    How to Solve Word Problems...

    • Read the problem - Who or what is the problem about? Think about your experiences and connect it with the problem.
    • Underline the question - What information is the problem looking for?
    • Circle important data - Find the data that you can use to solve the problem. Cross out any information that you don't need to solve the problem.
    • Box the key words - The key words will help you figure out which operation to use (add, subtract, multiply, divide).
    • Plan of attack - Make a table or draw a picture using the data and the key words. Choose an operation (add or subtract). Calculate the data and find the answer.
    • Check your answer - Does your answer make sense?
    • Label your answer.