Ways to Enjoy Reading

    • Listen to a book being read aloud.
    • Take turns reading to a friend or parent.
    • Read the book by yourself and tell someone about your favorite parts.
    • Record yourself reading the book or parts of the book a second time.  Listen to the tape.
    • Make a list of the books you have read.  Use a code to indicate how you felt about each book.
    • visit the library and explore the section with information books.  Select those that interest you.
    • Check out a poetry book and make copies of your favorite poems.

    Is it difficult for you to find a book you really enjoy reading?  Here is a website that will help you choose a book based on your interests.   

    The Book Hive

    To grow as readers, children need to practice reading independently.  In order to read independently, a "Just Right Book" must be chosen.  Here are a few sites to check out if you are having difficulty finding a "Just Right Book."

    The Five Finger Test for finding the "Just Right" book

    Goldilocks' Rules for determining a "Just Right" book

    Leveled Book Lists

    If you love to write, or just want to practice your writing, here are some websites to have fun writing.  Print it out to share with Mrs. Tubbs, your family or friends.

    Magnetic Poetry Online

    Story Starter