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    Welcome to Second Grade!

    AudreyMaximusBrycenAndrewAiden, Kalyna, Parish, Dakota

    DenzelMihriban, T'saia, Michael, Anna, RainnaDamian,

    Penelope, Julienand Owen


    All assignments are now posted on the Paul Road 2nd grade webpage. Click here: https://www.gateschili.org/Domain/743


    Click on the left side of the 2nd grade webpage to see each day of the week and the assignments/links for that day. 

    Left side of webpage


    Thank you for sending your assignments to me (by email, message on class dojo or portfolio on class dojo).

    Feel free to send one picture of all the assignments daily or weekly. (Lay out all the pictures on the table and take one picture to send to me.) Or even just send me a list of all the assignments you have completed. 


    I am awarding points on Class Dojo for the following:


    -Pictures or Videos

    -Math 4 Today Worksheets

    -Math Review Worksheets

    -Writing Assignments

    -Reading Logs

    -At Home Exercise 

    -iReady Reading (2x a week)

    -iReady Math (2x a week)

    -XTRA Math or other Math game

    -BrainpopJr. Assignments



    -Any assignment completed from our weekly home schedule