Student Art Exhibit

  • Paul Road School has an annual Student Art Exhibits each spring. All students, K-5, are represented in these exhibits by one or more pieces of artwork.  Parents often wonder why their children are not bringing home very much artwork in the beginning of the school year and the reason is the art shows. Artwork is stored in portfolios that the students make until the time of the display.  Artwork is chosen from these portfolios that best shows the student's abilities.  For some students this may be a painting or drawing, while for others it may be a weaving or ceramic piece. Different students excel in different areas.  After the art exhibit student portfolios are sent home for students to continue collecting their artwork. Many students save these portfolios from year to year so they can see the projects they have done and the growth they have made in art class.  More information about the dates for the exhibit will be posted at a later time.