Student Art Exhibit


    Hi Panthers!

    Many of you have sent artwork to me to post on the"Student Art Exhibit" link on the Paul Road Art web pages. I think, I have added all artwork that has been sent in. If you sent me artwork and do not see it, please let me know. I apologize for some pictures being sideways some just would not enter straight. (I have no idea why.) If anyone would like new artwork added please send it and I will post it.

    Thank you so much for sharing! Mrs. Smith

    Paul Road School has an annual Student Art Exhibit each spring. All students, K-5, are represented by one (or more) pieces of artwork in this exhibit.  Parents often wonder why their children are not bringing home very much artwork in the beginning of the school year. The biggest reason is their artwork is being stored for the art show.  Student artwork is stored in classroom portfolios until the time of the display.  Artwork is chosen from these portfolios that best shows the student's abilities (if there is more than 1 piece the student gets final choice of what goes in).  For some students this may be a painting or drawing, while for others it may be a weaving or ceramic piece. Different students excel in different areas.  After the art exhibit all student artwork is sent home.

    Younger students also make a portfolio during the year to collect their artwork. After the students take these portfolios home, many save them year to year so they can see the projects they have done and the growth they have made in art class.  More information about the dates for the exhibit will be posted at a later time.


    Hi there! Here are the art works that have been shared so far. THANK YOU for sharing! I will be sure to add more as they arrive.


     Alissa Environmental Art   Rahib, K, Environmental Art   Sonia Cubist Buildings    Sonia 4th Cubist Building

    Ella Cubist buildings   Ella, 4th, Cubist Buildings   Light House drawing   Anna, 2nd, Light House


    David R light house   David, 3rd, Light House        Alissa 3rd, Alissa, 3rd, Environmental Art


     Alex, 1st,    Alex, 1st, Spring Landscape Simra, 5th, Cubist Portrait   Simra, 5th, Cubist Portrait


    Alex, 1st   Alex, 1st, Kandinsky Tree    Antonio, 3rd   Antonio, 3rd, 3D Light House


     Antonio, 3rd,   Antonio, 3rd, Light House   Antonio, 3rd,  Antonio, 3rd, Rizzi style City scape


    Anderson  Anderson, 5th, Cubist Portrait  Sadie  Sadie, 1st, Salt Painting Jellyfish


    Carter  Carter, 4th, Cubist Portrait Nathan  Nathan, 3rd, Rizzi Cityscape


    Nathan  Nathan, 3rd, Light House  Mikayla B Mikayla B. 4th, Cubist Portrait


    Anna R  Anna R. 2nd, Uni-Monster David R  David R. 3rd, Night Dragon


    Ally L  Ally, 3rd, Origami Bookmarks  Anna, David BB  Anna 2nd, David 3rd & little Bro 3D Cacti


    David R  David 3rd, Rizzi Cityscape  Ally L.  Ally L.  3rd, Rizzi Cityscape


    Ally L.   Ally L. 3rd 3D Light House & Cactus Anna R  Anna R. 2nd, Rizzi Cityscape


    Wyatt  Wyatt 5th, & Mom's Cubist Portraits  Izzy  Izzy 3rd, Rizzi Cityscape


    Rahib  Rahib Kinder, Kandinsky Tree Mikayla B  Mikayla 4th, STEAM Paper Spinner


    Sonia  Sonia 4th, STEAM Paper Spinner Sonia   Sonia 4th, 1pt. Landscape


    Ella D  Ella D. 4th, Cubist Portrait  Sonia  Sonia 4th, Cubist Portrait


    Wyatt  Wyatt 5th, Salt Painting  Aidan  Aidan  L. Cubist Portrait


    Ethan  Ethan L. 5th, Cubist Portrait  Peyton  Peyton 1st, Singing Portrait


    Sadie  Sadie 1st, Singing Portrait  Antonio  Antonio 3rd, 3D Cactus


    Antonio  Antonio 3rd, Shirley the Sheep  Allie M  Allie 3rd, 3D Cactus


    Nathan  Nathan 3rd, Yoda Painting  Nathan  Nathan 3rd, Tree painted with Q tips


    Alex  Alex 1st, Singing Portrait Adrianna Dominic  Adrianna 5th, Dominic 1st, Cubist Portraits  

    RyNo  Ryan and Noah 3D Balloons Antonio  Antonio

    Alex  Alex Mikaila B Mikaila B.

    Reed   Reed Kindergarten              Sonia     Sonia         

    Anna  Anna  spring      

    Sadie  Sadie EllaD  Ella D.

    Ant Al  Antonio Lantern Alex Toad house Wyatt  Wyatt

    Brooke  Brooke 4th Nevaeh  Nevaeh Kindergarten

    Reed  Reed Kindergarten Brooke  Brooke 4th

    Brooke  Brooke 4th  Brooke  Brooke 4th

    Sonia  Sonia 4th ella  Ella D. 4th

    Jarred  Jarred 3rdella  Ella D. 4th

    Ella D  Ella D. Kylee  Kylee 5th

    Mikaila  Mikaila 4th anna  David R 3rd

    David  Anna 2nd Ally  Ally 2nd

     Antonio and alex  Antonio and Alex Jacob C. 5th  Jacob C. 5th

    Jacob c  Jacob C. 5th Jacob C. 3  Jacob C. 5th

    Jacob C. 4  Jacob C. 5th David  David 3rd

    Anna  Anna 2nd  Antonio and alex

    Antonio and Alex  Ally  Ally 2nd David  David R 3rd

    Anna  Anna R. 2nd



    The Aztec Sun Artwork was created by Mrs. Carusone's 5th graders

    Aaliyah  Aaliyah  Adrianna  Adrianna    Alanna  Alanna  Amari  Amari

    Chris  Chris Ethan  Ethan

    Gus  Gus  Jeremiah  Jeremiah

    Julia  Julia Justin  Justin

    Kylee  Kylee Makaila  Makaila

    Makenna  Makenna Matthew  Matthew

    Natalie  Natalie Rachel  Rachel

    Ryan  Ryan Simra  Simra

    Tiffani  Tiffani Ty  Ty

    Wyatt  Wyatt