Hi Panthers!

    Many of you have sent artwork to me to post on the"Student Art Exhibit" link on the Paul Road Art web pages. I think, I have added all artwork that has been sent in. If you sent me artwork and do not see it, please let me know. I apologize for some pictures being sideways some just would not enter straight. (I have no idea why.) If anyone would like new artwork added please send it and I will post it.

    Thank you so much for sharing! Mrs. Smith


    Hi There again Panthers!

    Posted on the "Cool and Fun Stuff" link are some art things to do when those "I'm BORED" days come along. There is a little of everything there. You will find art projects, crafts, clay and slime recipes and a bunch of other "Stuff". I have checked out most of the websites and links and most have ads and links to other links so PLEASE check with an adult before using them. I have NOT checked out all the clay and slime recipes so PLEASE follow the directions carefully. The list of websites from March are re-posted and so are a couple of earlier projects, so please feel free to check those out. I hope you have a Safe and Fun Summer! Mrs. Smith

    ** Some of the earlier websites were added from my home computer, so the GC device might not open the links. If you try from a home computer, laptop, tablet or maybe a phone, they should open.**

     Lets Make Some ART!

    Hi Panthers!

    The cool thing about visual art is there are so many different ways to make it AND you don't have to have an art room to do it in. Right now you probably have things where you are that can be used to create art. Recycled copy paper, cardboard, shoe boxes, pencils,crayons and tons of other things, you just need to think about what you can do with them! 

     (Art projects are below office hours and links)

    April 29, 2020 *NEW*

    Hi There!
    Here are the Paul Road Art Room Office Hours. They are split into times slots,
    just like the projects,
    so questions for those projects can be more easily addressed.
    Please feel free to stop by with any questions,
    to show off your artwork or just to say Hi!
    Hope to see you! Mrs. Smith.

    ****Meetings are Wednesdays, 4/29/2020 - 6/10/2020****

    Kindergarten - !st Grade 2:30 - 3:00 PM
    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 962 8669 7173
    Password: 783274
    One tap mobile
    +16468769923,,96286697173# US (New York)
    +13126266799,,96286697173# US (Chicago)

    2nd Grade - 3rd Grade 3:00 - 3:30 PM
    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 959 8944 3807
    Password: 783274
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    4th Grade and 5th Grade 3:30 - 4:00 PM
    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 930 6343 2951
    Password: 783274
    One tap mobile
    +16468769923,,93063432951# US (New York)
    +13126266799,,93063432951# US (Chicago)

    Here are the Links To Schoology and this web page.


    Schoology Paul Road Art On-line link, This has art projects K-5 on it.



    This is the link to the Mrs. Smith / Paul Road Art Room web pages. Please feel free to use this to view art projects        for K - 5 and to share student art work. Art work can also be shared by photographing it and sending it as an attachment to my e-mail, penny_smith@gateschili.org I would love to see it! Miss you all! Mrs. Smith


    **Please remember, even though these projects are split up in grade level folders, you can try ANY of the projects that interest you. Some of them might be easy for you and others might be kind of challenging. 


    June 8, 2020

    Hello Panthers!

    For this week there are 2 art projects. The first project is about Leonardo daVinci and Robots! This project is for K-3 and to find the connection between Mr. daVinci and Robots you will have to check it out.

    The second project is for 4th and 5th graders. This project is about another woman artist named Sonia Delaunay.

    I hope you all enjoy these projects.

    These will be the last new learning projects at this time. June 10th will be the last art office hours. 

    I will be adding a summer projects folder to Schoology and the Cool and Fun Stuff page for those "I'm so BORED" days. there will art projects, crafts, games, websites, printouts and places to find coloring pages to download. Please remember, drawing, coloring, cutting with scissors, folding and gluing are all good skills to practice during the summer. We often need and use them for school and projects at home. I hope you all have a safe and fun summer! - Mrs. Smith


    June 1, 2020

    Hi Again!

    This week, Kindergarten and 1st grade friends I have put together a lesson to create Toad and Fairy houses. Both homes can be made from recycled or found materials. The 2nd and 3rd graders have a lesson for creating a Festival Lantern. This lantern project can also be made by any of the other grade levels. The 4th and 5th grade Panthers have a project connected to American artist Georgia O'Keeffe. This lesson is about learning to look at objects, mainly flowers. This projects has different parts that students can choose to do. I hope you all enjoy these projects, please don't forget to share your art work. Stay safe! Mrs. Smith


    May 25, 2020

     Hi Everyone! This week for my K-1st grade friends I borrowed a project from a website called "One Little Project at a Time" by Debbie Chapman. The project is a Coffee Filter Monster. For 3rd - 5th grade friends, I have found another STEAM project! This uses some paper folding skills you all have learned in art class so should be fairly easy for you.

    ***The tube flyer from last week was tricky! If you had some trouble making it fly, try standing higher, like on a deck or steps, and gently throw it straight out away from you. This is more of a glider than an airplane, it needs air currents to stay in the air. This kind of flyer needs to "scoop up" air to stay up, otherwise it will do a nose dive, like mine did.***

    ***I really like Pinterest, it has some very cool projects for kids. That being said, you never know what is going to show up on these pages. It is ALWAYS a good idea for an adult to check the pages before the kids. This  STEAproject came from Pinterest. (origami toys)***


    May 18, 2020

    Hi Panthers!

    Below I have added some STEAM projects. I found them while searching for something completely different and thought,"Hey, my kiddos would like these"!  So, here they are. Some of them are VERY easy and 1 or 2 might be a little more challenging. Please, DO NOT feel you have to do them all! Just choose the ones you think look fun and give them a try. 1 is a tube type flyer and the other 2 are spinners that create visual color mixing. I hope you have fun with these, Stay Safe, Mrs. Smith


    May 11, 2020

    Hi Panthers!

    While searching the internet for some fun outside art projects I discovered one for making a suncatcher or mobile that K - 1st grades might like. I borrowed this project from Jamie and her "Hands On As We Grow" web site. She is a mom of 3 young boys, who has created a great web site. It is about some of the outdoor projects she has done with them. I thought this is a project the whole family can get involved in. 

    For 2nd - 3rd grades, imagine someone hires you to paint the side of their building. Hmmmm... What would you paint? Something Realistic? Something Abstract or Non-Objective? Maybe a Super Hero? Whatever you chose, it would be a big job and would need a lot of planning, (and paint!) These large paintings called "MURALS" are also sometimes called "STREET ART". These Murals can be found all over the world. Your job is to design a mural!

    4th and 5th grades, this week, have a project I sometimes do with the 5th grade art club. It is not very difficult, so I think 4th graders will enjoy it also. It is an optical illusion  (Trick the eye) that uses wavy and curved lines to make it look 3 Dimensional. (NOT FLAT)  

    May 4, 2020

    Hi Panthers!

    Here are 3 more projects! They are in the folders like previous weeks. K/1 projects are Jellyfish paintings made with glue! The 2nd/3rd grade project is an Origami book mark. This will be helpful to keep your place while you're doing some reading! ( Or maybe when MOM is reading, hint, hint ). The 4th/5th grade project is a fun project that involve some         "STEAM" ideas and movement.

    April 27, 2020

    Hi Panthers!

    Here are 3 new projects! Everything is the same as last week except now, you can access the art projects through your teachers Schoology folders. The links to the projects on the on line Paul Road Art page and the web pages can now be found there as well.


    April 20, 2020

    Hi Panthers!

    This week there are 3 new projects for you! Just like last week they have been split into age groups; k/1, 2/3,and 4/5. These can be found on the "Cool and Fun Stuff" page of my web page and in the Schoology folder for Paul Road online Art. If you want to share your art work, you can upload photos of your projects to Artsonia, e-mail them to me or post them on Schoology. I would love to see what you are creating! Have fun!


    April 13, 2020

    Hi Panthers!

    As told to families by District Administrators, starting on April 13th new learning will be posted for students. I have posted information and projects on the "Cool and Fun Stuff" page and in the Schoology folder for Paul Road Art. Please send photos of your artwork to my e-mail or the Schoology folder.


    April 6, 2020

    Hello Panthers!

    On the "Cool and Fun Stuff" page I have posted another fun project for all ages. Even adults can get in on the fun! This project can be done outside, or if it is yucky out, inside. You can even make this project into a friendly game or competition. I have already challenged my family! Are you intrigued yet? Check it out on the "Cool and Fun" page.


    April 2020

    Hi Panthers!

    On the "Cool and Fun Stuff" Page there has been a project posted for all grade levels. Like I said, your studio or where you create art can be ANYWHERE! This project is about Environmental/Nature Art so....... you can create it outside! All the information and how to's are located on the "Fun and Cool Stuff" page. Please, check out the project and send images to me at my e-mail (penny_smith@gateschili.org) I will post them for you on my web page. (or Mr. D. might on the main page.)


    I also hope you have been able to check out some of the websites found on the "Cool and Fun Stuff" page. New and different sites have been added there each week for students to explore and try out. I will leave these up so you can still try them. Pleases remember, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VISIT ALL THE SITES. Just choose the ones you think sound interesting and check them out.


    I can't wait to see your artwork! Stay safe friends, miss you, Mrs. Smith