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    It is vital to develop a discipline which makes home practice a natural part of the day. The most effective home rehearsal programs are based on a daily 20 minutes dedicated to quality practice. I set a goal for the kids to practice 120 minutes, or 2 hours, weekly. If students spend 20 minutes each day practicing, they will be well prepared for their lesson and time with Mrs. Simonetti will be well utilized. They will leave my room that day feeling successful and happy! Students who practice 120 minutes, and have their practice report filled out and signed by mom or dad will receive a reward. It is suggested that you and your young musician agree on a practice time and a special area of you home for musical study. A final 2 to 3 minute recital is always effective in building performance responsibilities. A special calendar can also serve as a reminder as well as a reward poster. Positive reinforcement is the most effective communication a parent can share with their student. The file below is a blank copy of a practice report kid can use daily and parents are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to sign weekly. You can print it out and add the appropriate dates down the left column.


    "Whoever has skill in music is of good temperament and fitted for all things"

    ~Martin Luther King



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