• Local Music Stores
    Where to get an instrument We have one music dealer that serves the Gates-Chili school district, Atlas Music in Webster. They specialize in the rental of school band instruments. The store calls on the band teachers at Gates Chili every week, and we are confident in the quality of their products and services.


    The music store offers rent to own programs, which allow you to try the instrument before committing to a purchase. The instruments are rented monthly and include the school recommended accessories.


    All of your payments accrue toward ownership, so you can rent the instrument until you own it. While you are renting you can exchange from one type to another without losing any purchase credit. If you wish, you may pay off early and receive a substantial discount from the price of the instrument, or you may return the instrument and cancel the agreement without further obligation.


    The instruments supplied by the company are the brands and models recommended by the Gates Chili Music Department.


    There are some differences between the programs and brands that the company offers, so we suggest that you look the rental information over carefully before making your decision.


    You may rent an instrument by fax / mail / or internet and have it delivered to the school, or drive to the store to pick it up.


    Below are links to these music stores. Please make sure you have made arrangements before the date of you child's first lesson so that your musician is prepared.



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