Look into the Classroom

  • I decided to write this page to help answer some general questions and to give a glance into the room and my thoughts:)

    Snacks: We have a relatively late lunch, especially on Tuesday-Thursday. Please feel free to send in a snack any day.  The children will be free to eat their snack during work time if they want and I will give them reminders.

    Birthdays: Please pick your child's favorite book and come in and read it to the class. We will also sing and make the day special for your child. Your child will receive a birthday book to keep. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June.

    Facebook : Please locate me using this email
    Kelly_rosselot@gateschili.org Request to be a friend 
    and we're off and ready to share. I will post pictures
     and information on this facebook page often. This 
    will keep you up to date and eyes on the room.

    Yellow Folders: I am going to start the year with sending the folder home on Tuesday and Thursday. If I feel like it needs to be more often then I will change it as the year continues.  However, I would suggest checking the backpack every night.

    Breakfast: You can purchase breakfast, bring breakfast or eat at home. All are fine! If your child eats at home then your child will engage in a table top activity while others eat. We will all be together as a happy school family:)

    Clothing: Dress for the weather every day, because I hope to spend some time outside as often as possible. Inside clothing should be very casual. The children will be playing and painting daily.  I have art smocks, but they don't cover everything. So your child might get dirty at school. Also I like to encourage independence, so clothing that they can handle independently in the bathroom is awesome!

    Oh and don't worry, I'll keep them away from messy things on picture day:)

    Bathroom: We will help your child when needed. We will encourage independence and celebrate that success. We will give plenty of bathroom reminders and know that your child can use the bathroom any time he/she needs to. We will teach and remind the children of good hand washing after using the bathroom.

    Yoga: Rest time in my room will be on yoga mats that

    I already have-no worries. The yoga is child friendly and playful, with a bit of quieting the body down. It will be a fun way to unwind and prepare for the afternoon.

    Contact me: I know we will see each other at pick up and drop off, but if you have something you want to chat about and feel there isn't enough time....please feel free to email me. Kelly_rosselot@gateschili.org.  I will get back as soon as possible.

    Finally I would like to take  this moment to say "Thank you". Thank you for letting me be a part of your child's life and I want to assure you that I will take good care of your child and his/her learning!