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  • I'm A Seed

    I'm A Seed

    by Jean Marzollo Year Published: Easy Reading
    Two seeds in the soil are speaking to each other. "I'm a seed!" they both say. One knows it's a marigold, but the other doesn't know what it is. Each plant grows leaves, then flowers, and when the mystery seed grows big and round and orange, the riddle is solved. The clever text weaves facts about plants into the story, and the beautiful collages show a host of wildlife for readers to identify. This is a wonderful introduction to a plant's life cycle.
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  • In A Dark, Dark House

    by Jennifer Dussling Year Published: Easy Reading
    From the Publisher The All Aboard Reading series features stories that capture beginning readers' imagination while developing their vocabulary and reading comprehension. The Picture Readers, appropriate for preschoolers, combine a very simple text with rebuses. Flash cards bound in the book help make the transition from the rebus to the printed word. As the levels progress, the stories get longer, and the print size gets smaller, preparing readers for longer books with chapters. All the books are illustrated in full color, and engage a child's curiosity with a range of topics from science to sports, history, and fantasy. Preschool - Grade 1.
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  • Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox

    Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox

    by Grace Maccarone Year Published: Easy Reading
    What are these spots? Oh no! Chicken pox! In catchy rhyme, a boy describes being sick with this itchy disease. Spots are everywhere and it's hard not to scratch, but an oatmeal bath and lotion take away some of the itchiness. The days go by, and the spots go away. At last the spots are gone, and he feels better. Hooray! It's back to school again!
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  • Nina, Nina Ballerina

    Nina, Nina Ballerina

    by Jane O'Connor Year Published:
    Synopsis Nina is thrilled: her ballet class is going to put on a recital and everyone will be a butterfly. Her only worry is her mother won't be able to tell her from the others. She practices her part constantly, but the day before the performance, she falls and breaks her arm. Poor Nina has to wear a cast, but now Nina's mother can tell which butterfly she is!
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  • Teddy Bear For Sale

    Teddy Bear For Sale

    by Gail Herman Year Published: Easy Reading
    None of the children want the teddy bear in the toy shop, so the bear decides to run away. He jumps into a toy car, drives off, then sails a boat, conducts a train, and rides a roller-skate. Then...whee! It's down a slide - but whoops! He lands on a trampoline, flies through the air, and lands plop! onto the counter, where an admiring boy buys him and takes him home.
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  • What A Hungry Puppy!

    What A Hungry Puppy!

    by Patricia Demuth Year Published: Easy Reading
    Synopsis Lucky is a hungry puppy, so off he goes in search of a bone. He digs up several little treasures - an old shoe, a smelly sock, a jump rope - but none of them will do. Finally he finds a bone, but finds the bone's large owner as well! Lucky runs, but the big dog chases him all the way to his house. Lucky is relieved when he realizes the big dog only wants to be friends, and is even more relieved when dinner is finally served! What a hungry dog!
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  • Who Stole The Cookies?

    Who Stole The Cookies?

    by Judith Moffatt Year Published: Easy Reading
    Synopsis Bright and colorful collages illustrate this popular rhyme about missing cookies from the cookie jar. A girl, a bird, a cat, a dog, and a mouse—each accused in turn ("who, me?") as the cookie thief - follow a trail of crumbs to a cave where they discover the real culprit. Then it's back home to make a new batch for everyone!
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  • Favorite Poems Old And New

    Favorite Poems Old And New

    by Selected by Helen Ferris Year Published:
    From the Publisher Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Graves, Langston Hughes and Kate Greenaway are just a few of the classic and contemporary poets represented in this comprehensive collection of over 700 poems. Divided into 18 diverse categories to make both browsing and more specific reading easy and fun.
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  • Sing A Song Of Popcorn: Every Child's Book of Poem

    Sing A Song Of Popcorn: Every Child's Book of Poems

    by Selected by Beatrice de Regniers, Eva Moore, Mary Michaels White, and Jan Carr Year Published:

    From the Publisher Here is a stunning collection of poetry ranging from ancient to contemporary, gloriously illustrated in full color by nine Caldecott Medal-winning artists. Culled from the works of renowned poets which include Shel Silverstein, Robert Louis Stevenson, Emily Dickinson, Edward Lear, and Ogden Nash, these 128 selections are as varied as life itself. There are poems that are funny, some that are touching, some that are profound, and some that are pure nonsense. Some of them are spine-tingling, while others will leave the reader with a warm, peaceful glow. A cultural diversity is also represented in the subject matter, the poets, and the artists.

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  • The New Kid On The Block

    The New Kid On The Block

    by Jack Prelutsky Year Published:
    From the Publisher Open this book to any page to begin your exploration. Here are poems about things that you may never have thought about before. You'll be introduced to jellyfish stew, a bouncing mouse, a ridiculous dog, and a boneless chicken. You'll learn why you shouldn't argue with a shark, eat a dinosaur, or have an alligator for a pet. You'll meet the world's worst singer and the greatest video game player in history. You'll even find an invitation to a dragon's birthday party....Your friends are invited too. Over 100 hilarious poems about strange creatures and people--from jellyfish stew to a bouncing mouse, and a boneless chicken. "The illustrations bring the frivolity to a fever pitch."--School Library Journal. Index.
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  • The Random House Book Of Poetry For Children: A Treasury of 572 Poems For Today's Child

    by Selected by Jack Prelutsky Year Published:
    From the Publisher "A generous collection with a distinctly upbeat tone, this gives a taste of the best poets writing for children over the last several decades. Lobel's drawings imbue the whole with action and graphic images as inventive as the verse. Successfully geared to meet home, school, and library needs."
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  • Where The Sidewalk Ends: The Poems and Drawings of

    Where The Sidewalk Ends: The Poems and Drawings of Shel Silverstein

    by Shel Silverstein Year Published:
    From the outrageously funny to the quietly affecting -- and touching on everything in between -- here are poems and drawings that illuminate the remarkable world of the well-known folksinger, humorist and creator of The Giving Tree.
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