Whooo is Mrs. Johnson?

  • Hello friends! My name is Mrs. Johnson and I am so excited to start our school year together! This will be my eight year as a first grade teacher at Paul Road School.  I love teaching first grade and am having so much fun with my students!


    A few of my favorite things:

    My favorite color is yellow, but I LOVE ALL COLORS.  I am sure you can tell by our rainbow filled classroom!

    My favorite animal is the owl but I also love monkeys, manta-rays, giraffes, and elephants!

    My favorite hobby is reading!  Every spare minute I have my nose in a book.

    My favorite author is Robert Munsch.  I love to laugh and his books really get me laughing!!!

    My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin but I love them all!

    My favorite food to eat is tacos.

    Some of my favorite things to do are:  goofing around with my son Calder, fishing with my brother, feeding the birds at Mendon Ponds with my husband Sean, raising Monarchs in the summer, and going to the zoo with Calder and all my nieces and nephews!