Fitness Center

  • The Spartan Field House Fitness Center is now open to Gates Chili District residents 18 and over. Proof of residency using a VALID New York State Driver or Non-Driver Photo ID is required for all participants.  Students ages 13 to 17 are welcome to attend on Saturdays and Sundays only when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

     If you are a resident interested in using the Fitness Center you will need to schedule a one time Fitness Center Orientation. 

    This a continuing education course providing basic user information and is required prior to using the facility FOR ALL RESIDENTS. Orientations are offered on Tuesday evenings at 6:45 PM .  Once your orientation has been completed, you will be an authorized user of the Gates Chili Fitness Center. 



    There will be a one time fee of $15 for the orientation. Pre-registration with payment for the orientation is required IN ADVANCE of attending. It is not possible to register or attend by just showing up.   

    If you arrive after 6:45 you will need to reschedule the orientation  


    To register please go to   or  please call the Continuing Education office at 247-5345.   
    There is a one time fee of $15 for the orientation class. Registrations are handle by the Continuing Education office in room 716 use the walkway by door #45 on the Northeast side of the High School. This fee will need to be paid with your registration. If you would like to pay cash you will need to come to our office to register for the orientation.