Mask Poems

  • A poem where the subject of the poem is the speaker is called a "mask” poem. October is the perfect month to put on a mask, pretend a bit and write a poem!

    Visit Wild Rose Reader, the master of mask poems.


    I’m the biggest invertebrate,
    massive and maneuverey.
    I’m the giant squid
    enormous, yet elusive.
    No one knows for sure
    where I may turn up,
    But scientists are certain
    I have lurked in all the world’s oceans.
    With beach ball size eyes
    that never close,
    I am a deep sea hunter who is second to none.
    My eight arms and two whip-like tentacles
    serve up seafood platters of fish, shrimp, and
    maybe even an occasional squid or small whale.
    It’s true.
    I’m beasty.
    I’m bold.
    Yet mysterious and sometimes even shy.

    By Theresa Annello