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    Pass the Poetry, Please

    Meet Father Goose

    poet, Charles Ghigna



    A poem is a communication from one soul to another that makes one or both hearts sing.

    Walter Mayes. Valerie & Walter's Best Books For Children: A Lively, Opinionated Guide. Avon, 1998.

    My love affair with poetry started many years ago during a Children’s Literature course at Hudson Valley Community College.  My passion for books and poems grew even more when our children were born. Years later when I started teaching, literature and poetry became my lifelines, my “bag of tricks”. However, I quickly learned that poetry was not something to save for a unit or a month in the spring. The value of poetry and the power of poetry needed a special place in the classroom culture.  And heck I needed to do something with the poems I was collecting like they were rare, vintage baseball cards.  I was constantly discovering new poets or finding out that some of my favorite authors also wrote fabulous poetry.  This year, I tucked a poem for each student in the envelope with my August “back to school” letter. By the end of the first day of 4th grade, each student’s collection was started. Their poetry folders now contain fifty or more poems.

    Children are drawn to poetry for many reasons. Poems are fun to read. Poems are usually shorter pieces of text. Poems speak to your heart. Poems are fun to write.  For a while we simply enjoy a wide variety of poems, building our collection, getting to know some poets before taking a closer look at this genre from a writer’s stance. The generosity of writers who build their websites and actively blog has also enriched our literacy lives immensely.

    Here are links to some of our favorite poets:


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    Keep a Poem in Your Pocket

    Keep a poem in your pocket 

    and a picture in your head

    and you'll never feel lonely

    at night when you're in bed.

    The little poem will sing to you

    the little picture brings to you

    a dozen dreams to dance to you

    at night when you're in bed.


    Keep a picture in your pocket

    and a poem in your head

    and you'll never feel lonely

    at night when you're in bed.

           Beatrice Schenk de Regniers