Stepping into a whole new year!



    HI!!!! Want to know more about me? Ok, but I won't tell you everything at first, so you can learn more about me as the year goes on!  First, 2018 will start my 13th year of teaching here at Gates Chili.  In fact, it's only my 13th full year of teaching...anywhere!  Before I became a teacher, I was a television news and sports cameraman. Cool, huh? Look closely and you will see some photos of me "shooting news" over in Bosnia of all places!  I was covering the after-effects of the Bosnia-Serbian conflict for Channel News 10 back in 1996. Yes, that is me, videotaping all over the beautiful Bosnian countryside!

     It was an  exciting career!  I was able to travel to different places in the world, and "cover" my favorite NFL team:  The Buffalo Bills!

    I was able to video tape NFL games from the sidelines for ESPN and go into the locker room and interview the players after the game!  That was a fun career, but I've finally got my dream job: teaching! 

    Finally, I'll probably mention this fact about

    200 times this year (so keep count, ok?) favorite food is PIZZA!!

    So, that's a little bit about me. I can't wait to find out more about you!

    Welcome to the "Campbell Crew!"

My youngest daughter Katherine at Silver Lake 2016
With TV 10 Reporter Susan Koppen in Bosnia, 1996
Bosnian City with Susan and our interpreter
Video taping along the Sava River separating Serbia and Bosnia
Fun with photo shop 2007