Pragmatic Language - Social Language

  • What is Pragmatic Language?
    Pragmatic language refers to the social language we use during our everyday interactions. This can include what we say, how we say it and our body language depending on each situation.

    Some examples of pragmatic language skills include:

    -Conversational skills

    -Asking for, giving and responding to information

    -Turn taking

    -Eye contact

    -Introducing and maintaining topics

    -Making relevant contributions to a topic

    -Asking questions

    -Avoiding repetitious/ redundant information

    -Asking for clarification

    -Adjusting language based on situation

    -Using language of a given peer group

    -Using humor

    -Using appropriate strategies to gain attention

    -Asking for help or offering help appropriately

    -Offering and responding to expressions of affection appropriately

    -Nonverbal communication including; facial expression, body language, intonation and body distance/personal space