Fluency and Voice

  • What is Fluency?

    Fluency is the students ability to produce smooth, forward flowing speech with minimal to no effort. When a student demonstrates disfluencies we can often classify them into several categories including:

    Blockage: Periods of silence when a student is attempting to force a word out.

    Prolongation: When a student prolongs a vowel or consonant within the word they are trying to produce.

    Interjection: When a student uses words as fillers that do not necessarily belong within their speech (e.g. like, uh, um).

    Repetition: When a student repeats a word many times before moving onto the next word within their speech.

    When a student produces disfluencies they can often be referred to as stuttering.

    What is Voice?

    Voice refers to the sound in which we use to produce speech.

    This can include: intonation, pitch and quality of the sound.