School Psychologist


    The focus of the school psychologist is the student's total psychological growth process and how it is affected by the school experience. 

    Dr. Sarah Ryan and Mrs. Dennstedt are school psychologist for Paul Road, who provides services that support children's learning in the following ways:


    • Provides assessments of academic skills, abilities, behavior, and social/emotional development as needed.
    • Helps solve conflicts related to learning and adjustment and develops functional behavior plans
    • Consults with teachers to develop accommodations for students in both general and special education classes.
    • Prepares Individual Education Plans (IEP) for the Committee on Special Education (CSE).
    • Chairs and coordinates the Paul Road building Committee on Special Education.
    • Chairs the Student Based Intervention Team at Paul Road.
    • Serves as case coordinator for initial referrals, transfer students, and re-evaluations for CSE.
    • Provides group and individual counseling support to students.


    Dr. Ryan    Ms. Tumia