Special Education Consultant Education Services

  • Consultant teachers support instructions in all academic areas, in grades K-5.  Services are provided either directly to students with specific learning needs, or indirectly through classroom teacher support, and include test modifications and program adaptations.  In addition, instructional aides assist consultant teachers with all levels of support.

    The Consultant Teachers for Paul Road School are:

    Mr. Scarazzo - Mr. Scarazzo's webpage 

    Mrs. Rizzo -  Mrs. Rizzo's webpage

    Mrs. Roberts - Tara Roberts' Site

    Mrs. Hebert - Mrs. Hebert's Headlines

    Mrs. Henderburg - Lauren Henderburg's Site

    Mrs. Wilson- Cynthia Wilson's Site

    Mr. Scarazzo   Mrs. Rizzo    Mrs. Roberts  

    Mrs. HEbert   Mrs. Henderburg   Mrs. Wilson