Physical Education

  • The Physical Education Program at Paul Road provides students with the opportunity to experience:

    • the development of physical fitness
    • a favorable self-image
    • creative expression
    • the enhancement of motor skills
    • acceptable patterns of personal behavior

    Our PE teachers are Mrs. Schmitt and Mr. Mangiera   

    Intramurals is an after school program that meets once a week and allows eligible 4th and 5th graders to participate in team sports such as soccer, volleyball and basketball.  Also a fun part of Intramurals is playing such games as rock climbing. pickelball,soccer,laccross and football.  Co-ed Intramurals are typically held on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons.

    Some special PE activities include the Punt, Pass and Kick competition, NFL (Nutrition and Fitness for Life), and the Cross Country Invitational.  A very special event that includes all of the 5th grades in the district is the annual Gary Adler District 5th Grade Track Meet.  All 5th grade students from the elementary schools participate in 1 track and 1 field event each, and receive ribbons for their participation and for placing.


     Mrs. Schmitt  Mr. Magiera