Sound Development

  • Every child acquires their speech sounds at a different pace, however, there are specific guidelines as to what typically developing speech patterns look like.  Below are some general guidelines to sound development.

    • At the age of 5 your child should use the following sounds correctly:  m, n, p, b, t, d, f, v, k, g, l, h, and all vowels.  Sounds you child may still have difficulty producing include: th as in (thank), j as in (juice), ch as in (cheese), z as in (zoo), zh as in (measure), s as in (soup), r as in (rabbit) and sh as in (shoe).
    • At the age of 6 your child should have developed all speech sounds with the exception s, z, j, ch and r.  Your child should  demonstrate intelligible speech although errors may be noted.
    • At the age of 7 your child should be developing the j, ch, s, z and r sounds.
    • At the age of 8 your child should use all speech sounds correctly.