Creating Real-World Math Problems at Home

  • Creating Real-World Math Problems at Home


    §       Your child will develop their number sense.  Math concepts will make more sense to them, because they will have background knowledge about doing math.

    §       Math will be more meaningful because your child will see it as part of their everyday life. 

    §       Your child will be more likely to notice when they’ve done a problem incorrectly, and make corrections.  They will know what a realistic answer is and what wouldn’t be possible.


    Write word problems to solve with your child when you see an opportunity that relates to what you are doing.  Ask your child to write a word problem to bring in to AIS, or have them bring in a problem that you have written and they have solved.  We will see if the other children can solve it, and discuss how your child figured it out!



    §       We each want to eat ___ slices of pizza.  What size will I order?  How many slices will we need altogether?

    §       It costs $3.00 to play miniature golf.  How much money do I need to bring for three of us?

    §       How much change do I have in my wallet?

    §       If we each eat an apple for lunch Monday-Friday, how many should I buy to last the entire work week?



    §       Look at my grocery receipt.  I gave the cashier $60.00.  How much change did they give me back?

    §       I ate 3 pieces of your Halloween candy.  Now how many pieces do you have left?

    §       We invited ______ people to your party.  If 2 people can’t come, how many people should we plan on having?

    §       I returned 2 of your books/videos to the library.  How many do we have left to read/watch?

    §       I bought 30 cookies for your class party.  How many cookies do you think you’ll have left over?



    §       I bought six packages of ten small candy bars.  How many will your class have to share?  How many will each student get? (division)

    §       How many bicycle wheels are in our garage?  How many car tires do we own?

    §       I bought two cartons of ice cream for $2.99 each.  How much money did I spend? or Approximately how much money did I spend?



    §       There are 8 rolls I made for dinner.  How many can we each eat?

    §       You and your sister/brother can split _______.  How many do you each have?

    §       Here are 15 carnival ride tickets.  Can you divide them up evenly between us?  Do we have any left over?

    §       I only want to make half the amount of this recipe.  Can you help me divide each ingredient in half?