Ms. Fleming's AIS Web Site - Updated February 2007

  • What is AIS?

    AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services.  Students can receive AIS in Language Literacy and/or Math Literacy. 

    Language Literacy includes supplemental instruction in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  I received New York State certification as a Literacy Specialist (Birth-Grade 6), which was formerly called Reading.  The new term for my certification encompasses all four areas of the language arts curriculum.  Students receive AIS in Language Literacy to help them meet the state standards at their particular grade level.  They are provided with individualized instruction in small groups to meet their specific needs, most often in reading and writing.

    Math Literacy is supplemental instruction to help students learn the math curriculum at their grade level.  AIS is an opportunity to reteach whatever math skills students still struggle with, and to reinforce new learning.


    How are Academic Intervention Services delivered?

    AIS services are delivered as either push-in or pull-out.  Push-in means that I go into the classroom setting to work with students receiving AIS.  Pull-out means that small groups of students come to me for language or math literacy instruction.  The decision of how to best deliver AIS services is based on each student's academic needs.

    Most students receive AIS in Language Literacy or Math Literacy 2-3 times per week.  Students who qualify for AIS receive up to 90 minutes per week of Language Literacy and/or 60 minutes per week of Math Literacy.