• Dear Families,

    I will be using ClassDojo to communicate with you through this time of home learning. Our class will be using Schoology as the primary place where student activities will be posted. Students should check each Schoology course once a day for new learning activities. I will continue to add links, videos, and resources to this page. Thank you for your paitience as we navigate this new landscape!


    Below is a list of websites with student online learning opportuities:





    • Continue reading our One School One Book, A Boy Called Bat- Read Aloud link- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkaIR6BDh0mBmNBmqLwHQ2MIr7GBc3YFV
    • Reading i-Ready lessons- Students should log in to ClassLink and then choose i-Ready (if you need your username and password for i-Ready, please send me a message through ClassDojo)
    • Read books at home as a family.
    • I will be posting audio recordings of our current read aloud, A Long Walk to Water
    • Refer to ELA Schoology course for more activities 



    • I encourage students to keep a journal during this time. As this school closure is out of the ordinary, you can write about your experience and look back on it in years to come. This is how history is made and recorded!
    • Mo Willems daily doodle videos: https://www.kennedy-center.org/education/mo-willems/

    • Refer to ELA Schoology course for more activities


    Social Studies:

    • Tour the Great Wall of China: https://www.thechinaguide.com/destination/great-wall-of-china
    • Add to travel journal on Adobe Spark- Students may log into ClassLink and then choose Adobe Spark to work on their travel blog about traveling to the Great Wall of China or other online virtual tours they do.
    • Refer to Social Studies Schoology course for more activities



    • Refer to Science Schoology course for activities


    How to Access and Use Schoology:



    • New materials will be posted on Schoology by 9:00 am each morning.
    • Students should check Schoology once a day to see new materials and activities.
    • Students may work at their own pace on posted materials.


    Your Partner in Learning,

    Miss Porter