• Neil Armstrong Stars and Parents,

                  This page will help you stay active and healthy while we are out of school. Remember, exercise is just one part of staying healthy. Make sure you are eating healthy and getting plenty of rest. Below are some resources to help stay active on a daily basis. Coach Wittman and I also recommend that our students do our daily warm up routine each day. The magic number is 60: 60 minutes of physical activity each day. If you have any questions, please feel free to email either Coach Pittman or Coach Wittman. We will be checking our email regularly.

    Daily Routine:

                                                 UPK-2nd Grade                                          3rd-5th Grade

                                               10 Jumping Jacks                                         15 Jumping Jacks

                                               ABC Push Ups                                              15 Push Ups

                                               10 Spaghetti/ Meatballs (sit ups)              15 Sit ups/Crunches

                                               10 Mountain Climbers                               15 Mountain Climbers

                                               5 Supermans (hold for 3 sec)                    5 Supermans (hold for 5 sec)

                                               2 sets crazy 8’s                                             Figure 4 Leg Stretches           

                                               3 minute Jog                                                 5-6 minute Jog


    Other great activities include riding bikes, rollerblading, jumping roping, playing in the yard (tag, soccer, basketball, football.)

    ***If your child is unable to or has a difficult time tying their shoes, now is a great time to practice***

    How to tie your shoes




                                                                          Neil Armstrong Physical Education Curriculum

    ***Click on the assignment to open the document


    Week               Grades UPK, K, 1st, 2nd         Grades 3rd, 4th, 5th      Additional Activities

    3/30-4/3         Sping Into Action                   Spring into Action 

    4/6-4/10         Obstacle Course                     Obstacle Course            Fitness Mathopoly UPK-2    

                                                                                                                                    Fitness Mathopoly 3-5                                    


    4/13-4/17      Back Yard Games                     Back Yard Games          Backyard Horseshoes Video 

                                                                                                                                     Backyard Cornhole Video

                                                                                                                                     Noodle Tag Video


    4/20-4/26  Back Yard Games Continued        Back Yard Games Continued


    4/27-5/3     Modified Pacer Run                       Pacer Run                          Pacer Cadence


    5/4-5/9                     Dynamic Stretching- Frankensteins                           Intro to Track Video

                                       Dynamic Stretching- Butt Kickers

                                                                              Grapevine Gr-3-5


    Other Resources (New resources will be added as they become available)