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    To promote student-centered learning all students now have access to Youtube through their own user accounts on district devices. Teachers can utilize this great educational tool in their classroom to further enhance the learning taking place.


    What does this mean for teachers?

    • Students are able to watch and rewatch videos to understand concepts
    • Students are able to view teacher chosen videos on their own laptop

    How can I monitor what my students are watching?

    • Provide them embedded videos through Schoology and/or OneNote
    • Have the students "show me your screen" (Students turn their laptop around so the teacher can see what the student is watching)
    • Include Digital Citizenship while using YouTube
      • Watching appropriate videos
      • When using district devices and internet, all student activity is tracked
      • Only use YouTube when the teacher says to
      • Use it to help meet lesson objectives in a learning environment

    How can I promote safe YouTube usage?

    • Choose the video(s) you want your students to view
    • Watch the entire video prior to sharing it with students

    Directions for Teachers

    Directions for Embedding YouTube clips into Schoology after searching YouTube

    Directions for Embedding YouTube videos from within Schoology

    Follow the video below to see the steps for embedding YouTube videos into Schoology: