Activities to Improve COORDINATION

  • Kids need coordination to perform many gross motor skills like skipping, jumping rope and playing catch.  Here are some things you can work on at home to improve your coordination.

    BALL ACTIVITIES:  (develops eye-hand and eye-foot coordination)

    1. Kick balls of different sizes, balloon, at a target.
    2. Bounce-catch balls (start with larger ball and work toward smaller ball).
    3. Dribble a playground ball (with one hand, alternate hands, around obstacles, while standing still and then when walking/running)
    4. Bat a balloon with hands or feet.
    5. Play catch with varying sized balls or bean bags.
    6. Velcro catch games


    1. Rollerblade (wear protective gear)
    2. Frisbee
    3. Hoola hoop
    4. Ride bike (wear a helmet)
    5. Play tag
    6. Skip (around objects, in a circle, forward, backward)
    7. Gallop
    8. Go to a playground
    9. Roll like a log down a hill
    10. Wheel barrel walk
    11. Crab walk