Activities that improve your STRENGTH:

  • Kids need good strength in their core for balance and functional mobility.  They need good strength in their shoulders so that they can stabilized their hand for handwriting and they need good strength in their legs so they can do all the large motor activities that young kids need to do, like jumping, hopping, galloping and skipping.  Here are some fun things that kids can do to improve their strength at home.

    CLIMBING:  (strengthens muscles, develops posture and helps with motor planning)

    1. Climb over, up, down boxes, logs
    2. Up and down steps
    3. Along an obstacle course using a variety of things of differing heights:  through – (boxes, tires, pipes, hoops, tunnel) under objects (table, rug/sheet, chairs, rope)  around objects – (tree, box, chair)  over objects (pillow, box, mattress, mat).
    4. Playground equipment


    HOPPING: (helps with strength, balance and coordination)

    1. Around obstacles – boxes, trees, another person
    2. Hop in/out of hoola hoop
    3. Make patterns on the sidewalk with chalk and hop on one color or one shape.
    4. Hopscotch


    JUMPING: (develops strength and overall gross motor skills – coordination )

    1. Over objects – string, chalk line, magazine/ book, bean bag
    2. Jumping obstacle course using low boards, string, blocks, logs, jumping off of low step stool
    3. Jump up to touch suspended objects, leaves, balloons, toy etc..
    4. Jump on trampoline
    5. Run/Jump through a sprinkler or jump over a puddle
    6. Jump rope by self or tie one end to a chair and have friend hold other end for you
    7. Jumping jacks