Sample Lunch Trays
  • Payment is expected at the time the meal is purchased so please be sure your child/children come to school with a lunch or money for meals or have money on their debit account for meal purchases. 

    In an emergency a meal may be charged, but payment is kindly expected the next school day.

  • Lunch is offered at all Gates Chili Schools for $2.90

    A complete nourishing lunch, at a price that is below the average for Monroe County’s suburban districts, is offered daily at all schools. 

    Students must take a 3 of 5 meal components offered:

    • Meat/Meat Alternative
    • Bread/Grain
    • Fruit and/or Fruit Juice and/or Vegetable 
    • Milk

    *one component must be a fruit or vegetable*

    Students may take up to 4 different fruits   and/or vegetables