My Booklist

  • I have compiled a list of books that you may find helpful.  Some relate directly to Physical Therapy and some are focused on health, fitness, cooking, and other related areas.  Happy reading!


  • Yoga for the Special Child

    by Sonia Sumar Year Published:
    Reviews found on the web: Our book is receiving the highest praise... "An excellent therapeutic program--clear, comprehensive, and compassionate. I was particularly impressed by the profound transformation in Sonia's Students, which came as a direct result of their practicing Yoga." -Dean Ornish, M.D., author of Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease "Like an angel, Sonia offers real help where doubt has previously resided. I am profoundly touched by this compassionate and practical approach to reaching our very special children." --Wayne Dyer, Author of Your Erroneous Zones "Desire, intention, and love alter life and matter. Quantum physics, healing and Yoga all in one touching and informative story." --Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles "In a simple and clear style, Sonia offers her message of transformation and love. This book is a true treasure that speaks to the heart and helps make the world a better place." --Professor Maria de Souza

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  • YogaKids: Educating The Whole Child Through Yoga

    by Marsha Wenig Year Published:
    YogaKids[registered] is not just yoga poses: it's a program designed especially for children and for their varied learning styles. Blending traditional yoga and its benefits with new theories of multiple learning styles and twenty years of teaching experience, YogaKids[registered] is a comprehensive, imaginative, and playful approach to educating through yoga movements. Yoga educator Marsha Wenig has developed From YogaKids[registered] to stimulate learning and to appeal to children. Children love to learn yoga with YogaKids[registered]. They embrace the message that learning is fun, that taking care of their bodies is easy, that exercise is play and feels good. These are lessons they'll use throughout their lives.

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General Health & Wellness

  • The Monster Health Book: A Guide to Eating Healthy, Being Active & Feeling Great for Monsters & Kids

    by Edward Miller Year Published:
    From Beginning with concise discussions of each of the food groups, along with the newly redesigned food pyramid, Ed Miller looks at all aspects of health and nutrition in this accessible and informative book. Fun facts about different foods are included throughout to keep the reading upbeat and clear distinctions are made between healthy and not-so-healthy meal choices. Readers will learn about nutrients, how to read foods labels and what it means to count calories. Readers will also learn how to develop healthy habits, such as making time for breakfast, tips for packing the best lunch, and the benefits of having a sit down (versus fast food) dinner. Overviews on food illnesses and disorders are included as are the importance of sleep and exercise. With Edward Miller's comprehensive writing and clear format, making healthy choices truly becomes easier.

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  • Eat Fresh Food: Awesome Recipes for Teen Chefs

    by Rozanne Gold Year Published:
    From Renowned chef Rozanne Gold has assembled an All-Star Team of teen chefs—kids who love to cook and love to eat good food—to create more than eighty mouth-watering recipes, attuned to the seasons, refined for the kinds of food teens want to eat. With plenty of snacks, smoothies, school lunches, burgers, fabulous pizza, desserts, and more, each delicious bite is made with the freshest, best-for-you ingredients you can find. Fully illustrated with photos of this cooking team in action, here is a cookbook no aspiring chef will want to miss.

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