What's for lunch?


    The Universal Pre-K program will offer lunch each day. You will have the option to purchase these items or send food items from home.  A monthly menu will be sent home outlining the daily lunch choices. Together, you and your child can choose the daily lunch for the entire month and return the calendar to school. This menu is also located at the bottom of this page.

    You must prepay for meals. Checks can be made out to Gates Chili School Nutrition. Many families prepay for school meals using http://mypaymentsplus.com. All that is needed to set up an account is the child’s student ID number. The student ID must be seven digits. Leading zeros are necessary for those ID numbers that are less than seven digits. If your child’s number is not seven digits, add zeros to the beginning. Student account balances can be checked through this website. A 30-day purchase history is also available on this website.

    Free and reduced lunch applications have been provided to every Universal Pre-K student. Additional copies will be available in each building’s main office. It can be completed online as well. The link to the online application can be found on the school nutrition portion of the district webpage at  http://www.gateschili.org/lunch.cfm

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