Helpful Hints to Selecting a 'Just Right' Book!

  • Helpful Hints to Selecting a “Just Right” Book!


    Selecting the Best Reading Level!     

    -         Open the book at the middle.

    -         As you silently read the page, count the number of “tricky” words you find.

    -         If you found fewer than five “tricky” words, this may be a good book for you!

    -         If you found five or more “tricky” words, this book is probably too difficult for you.


    Selecting a Book that Interests YOU!

    -         Look for a book with an interesting title.

    -         Read the summary on the back of the book to give you an idea of what the book is about.

    -         Read the first page or chapter to see if you like it.

    -         Select an author you like.

    -         The book should not be too easy or too difficult.

    -         No more than five words on a page should be too difficult to read.

    -         Ask others if they recommend the book.

    -         If you enjoyed a book in a series, read the next one.