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    Welcome to Kindergarten


    Below are the Nursery Rhymes that we will be working on. Click on the name and it will bring you to a link with a sound clip.                     IMAGE

    Humpty Dumpty

    Jack and Jill

    Mary Had a Little Lamb

    Little Boy Blue

    Jack Be Nibble                            Little Jack Horner

    Hey Diddle Diddle                        This Little Piggy

    Little Miss Muffet                        Baa Baa Black Sheep

    At home it would be helpful if you could focus on reviewing the letters of the week that your child is working on in their classroom. Children do better when they have a visual cue to associate the letter name and sound with. For example an apple for the letter A apple /a/.  A great website to use with your child at home www.starfall.com Click on the ABC's and have some fun.

    Play "I Spy" with sight words in text, the grocery store, signs, and museums.

    It is very helpful for your child to understand rhyme. They should be able to recognize rhyme, produce rhyme without hesitation.