HOMEWORK is important to student learning because it reinforces skills taught in class, encourages independence, and develops confidence in a child. Gates Chili School District recommends about 45 minutes of homework per night during the week for students in grade 5. Students may occasionally have more if classwork is not finished in the allotted time during school.


    MATH homework usually consists of a Student Activity Book page or worksheet and review of basic facts.

    READING homework often consists of a workbook page to reinforce the week's target skill, and towards the end of the week, will include written comprehension questions.

    SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES homework will not always be nightly. These classes meet twice a week, and therefore have more long-term assignments. However, we try to stress to students to not leave them until the last minute.

    And of course, if your child should come home and say they have no "official" homework, or they got it done in school, they should be reading independently, and practicing those math facts!


    Guidelines for Developing Good Work-Study Habits


    • Discuss with your child a preferred time to complete homework and keep that time as consistent as possible.
    • Assignments are written on the board each day for students to copy into the assignment book. It is the student's responsibility to copy all assignment information. Discuss with your child the importance of taking time at the end of the school day to get organized and bring home all needed materials.
    • Provide a quiet spot for your child to work with all necessary supplies and materials. Eliminate any distractions.
    • Encourage your child to work independently, offering help after your child has tried his/her best.
    • Check your child's work for neatness, accuracy, and completeness. Remind your child to bring home assignments completed in school.
    • Discuss with your child a convenient location for completed assignments and supplies in order to help prepare for the next school day.
    • Notify the teacher if your child seems to be spending an unreasonable amount of time completing homework assignments.