• Listed below are the first names of each child in our classroom and his/her birthday. You are welcome to send in NON-FOOD items ONLY to help us celebrate your child's special day. I ask that you please send in enough items for everyone in our class, and keep in mind your child will be allowed to pass out items in our room only. Some ideas would include pencils, erasers, etc. Another idea would be to donate a picture book or your child's favorite chapter book to our classroom.

    September: Mohamed 9/5, Brianna 9/8, Anthony 9/19, Devon 9/20, Morgan 9/28, Bushra 9/30

    October: Jerry 10/23

    December: Mrs. Brower 12/2, Raquan 12/24, Brandon 12/28, Samantha 12/30

    March: Ethan 3/18, Eliezer 3/27

    April: Ashja 4/3, Adriana 4/19

    May: Savanna 5/13

    July: Sasha 7/11

    August: Mya 8/3, Navdeep 8/10, Philip 8/11