• Welcome to the Homework page! I have tried to provide you with basic information about our regular homework assignments. We fill out agendas each afternoon together, so students should have the specific homework assignments for each evening written down. If you need to double check their assignments, or if an agenda is left at school, you can find the homework assignments here as well each night throughout the school year. 

    The general rule of thumb for fifth grade is approximately one hour of homework per night. This includes 20 minutes of independent reading. If your child is consistently spending longer than this, please contact me to discuss the reasons why. After all, they still need time to be kids!

    Reading and Language Arts- We do a lot of reading and writing during our school day. Part of the homework each night is to read from a book that is just the right level for at least 20 minutes. Your child will occasionally have grammar homework to complete at home. Sometimes a writing piece may come home to be revised or edited.

    Math- We do a lot of hands-on activities in math class. We follow these activities up with written practice. You can expect your child to have math homework several times a week at least.

    Social Studies- We do a lot of group work throughout the year in social studies, the majority of which is completed in class. There will be occasional independent assignments that will come home to be completed.

    Science- A lot of our science work consists of hands-on experiments which are completed in class. However, science homework will be assigned at different times throughout the year. Please encourage your child to use the text to verify their answers whenever possible.