Healthy Snack Guidelines

  • Here are some ideas for healthy food choices at snack time! 

    Food Group recommended
    Fruit Fresh fruit, dried fruit, canned fruit packed in own juices, apple sauce
    Vegetable Fresh vegetables such as baby carrots, sliced peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers
    Grains & Starches Whole grain, lightly sweetened cereals ( Cheerios, Chex), whole grain or low fat crackers, fat free or light popcorn
    Milk & Yogurt plain yogurt, fruited yogurt,
    High Protein Foods Low fat cheese, rolled lean ham and turkey, natural peanut butter, unsalted or plain nuts, humus

     Suggested Combinations of highly recommended foods.....

    - fruit and yogurt, crackers and natural peanut butter, fruit and plain nuts, veggies and humus, cereal and yogurt, cereal and plain nuts, cheese and crackers.