• Here is what you need to know when obtaining a trombone for your child:

    The trombone is the oldest member of the brass family. Trombone players learn to use a combination of lip pressure, air speed/direction and slide positions to play different pitches. There are 7 slide positions; young players use only 6. 

    The district has purchased trombones, euphoniums, French horns and tubas to makes them available for students to rent. The district takes care of maintenance and repairs. Your child is expected to handle all instruments with care. 

    Instrument rental is on a first come, first served basis.

    Here is what you must do for your child to play the trombone:

    The annual rental fee is $25.00; please send in a check made payable to the Gates Chili CSD.

    You must buy a mouthpiece:

    • Bach 6 1/2 AL trombone mouthpiece (small shank)
    • Blessing 6 1/2 AL trombone mouthpiece (small shank)
    Some families choose to rent or purchase a trombone from a merchant. Here are the tenor trombones that the Gates Chili music department recommends:

    Trombone (no F attachment)

    • King 606
    • Bach TB301
    • Yamaha YSL354/ADV


    • Bach 6 1/2 AL trombone mouthpiece (small shank)
    • Blessing 6 1/2 trombone mouthpiece (small shank)


     The school is providing the lesson book.


    Trombone shopping list

    • Folding music stand
    • Vincent Bach 7C Mouthpiece
    • Slide Eze ~ Slide grease to keep your horn’s tuning slide working.
    • Trombotine with a spray bottle for water ~ Lubricant to keep the slide from freezing up.
    • Handkerchief ~ To wipe fingerprints.

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