• Background information on the trumpet:

    The trumpet is the highest voice in the brass section.  Brass players learn to use a combination of lip pressure, air speed/direction and fingerings to play different pitches.  On instruments with 3 valves (like the trumpet) the combination of valves 1 and 3 (necessary to play the note D) is sharp. Older trumpets have a slide for the 4th finger to help adjust the pitch.  Newer trumpets also have a thumb hook which is much easier to use.

    Here are the Bb trumpets that the Gates Chili music department recommends:

    Trumpet - thumb hook only

    • Yamaha YTR2335/AD
    • Bach TR300H2
    • King 601
    • Holton T602P


    • Bach 5C trumpet mouthpiece
    • Blessing 6 1/2 AL trumpet mouthpiece
    The school is providing the lesson book.



    Trumpet shopping list

    • Folding music stand
    • Vincent Bach 7C Mouthpiece
    • Slide Eze ~ Slide grease to keep your horn’s tuning slides working.
    • Valve oil ~ Lubricant to keep the valves from freezing up.
    • Handkerchief ~ To wipe fingerprints.

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