Unit 7

  • Patterns and Functions
    Unit 7: Color, Shape, and Number Patterns

    During this unit, students will:

    -        Construct, describe, and extend a repeating pattern with the structure AB, ABC, AAB, or ABB.

    -        Identify the unit of a repeating pattern for patterns with structure AB or ABC.

    -        Describe how various AB or ABC patterns are alike (e.g., how is a red-blue pattern like a yellow-green pattern?)

    -        Determine what comes several steps beyond the visible part of an AB, ABC, AAB, or ABB repeating pattern.

    -        Construct, extend, and describe a pattern that has a constant increase for the sequences 1, 3, 5, ...; 2, 4, 6, ...; 1, 4, 7,...; 2, 5, 8,...; and 3, 6, 9,... though counting and building.

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