All About Mrs. Holman

  • Mrs. Juliet Holman!

    Mrs. Holman was born and raised in Rochester NY and went to school in Greece before heading out of state for college. After four years of hard work, Mrs. Holman graduated from Mansfield University in Mansfield Pennsylvania with her bachelors degree in Music Education. In August 2007 she completed her Masters in Music Education at Nazareth College.

    Mrs. Holman LOVES music. She started singing at the age of four and has never looked back. Mrs. Holman has won (and lost) several vocal competitions. She has even performed on Broadway! Mrs. Holman also LOVES children. So naturally she is very happy to be working as a music teacher combining her two favorite things: music and children!

    Mrs. Holman has been teaching for twelve years here at the Walt Disney Elementary School as the PreK-5 general music teacher and chorus director of the schools 4th and 5th grade choruses. Mrs. Holman couldn't be happier to be at Disney and she looks forward to making beautiful music with all of her students.

    Mrs. Holman's Top Ten Favorite Things:

    1. MUSIC!

    2. Her dog named Heidi

    3. Traveling

    4. Lemon Heads

    5. The color PINK!

    6. Harry Potter (The last book  and movie was AMAZING)

    7. Yoga

    8. The Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills!!! Let's Go Buffalo!!!

    9. Playing Mario Kart on the Wii

    10. My lovely little sister and best friend Danielle (who currently lives in Boston)