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    Welcome to the Quia shared activities area!

    Quia is pronounced key-ah (it rhymes with Maria) and is short for Quintessential Instructional Archive. Choose a subject area that interests you, and then browse through thousands of learning activities. All of these games and quizzes were created by educators using Quia's tools and templates. Whether you're a teacher or a learner, it's guaranteed you'll find something interesting and useful.


    Click on the highlighted words to go to the websites- be careful as it can keep linking you onwards!

    "Speechers Class"! Click on a game and play it orally for speech practice."Grammar Crackers", a group of quizzes and games keyed to English syntax and morphology practice.    "Have more fun" headquarters. If you are looking for speech articulation games, you have come to the right place.
    "Have Fun" language games such as analogies, synonyms, antonyms and "such" by Tracy Boyd.Welcome to "World of Words"! Just click on a vocabulary game below and play it. Enjoy speech and language practice with this ALL PICTURES articulation, language and phonemic awareness site. This is an ideal place for reading and non-reading students to practice their speech and language skills without the frustration of struggling with written words. And, anyway, pictures are just fun!



    Dividers for Myspace @ Fillster.com