The Volunteer Program at the Walt Disney School has been an active part


    The Volunteer Program at the Walt Disney School has been an active part of the school since its opening in 1969. Parents are an integral part of the function of the school, and are encouraged to come and participate during the daily routine of the day.


    The program first began under the careful direction of Mrs. Barbara Chapman (formerly the District’s Curriculum and Staff Development Administrator). It was carefully nurtured to include not only volunteers to work on special events, but also to have parent volunteers work in the classrooms directly with the students, as well as in areas such as the library and the production room.


    Over the years, this program has blossomed with many parents volunteering their time in the school. For working parents, there are projects that can be completed at home in the evening (i.e. – cutting out bulletin board decorations, art projects, etc.) We encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s school. This benefits not only the school, but students are excited to see their parents take an interest by becoming involved in their activities.


    Our volunteer program has many facets to it, and on an average year we have up to forty volunteers working at the Disney School on a regular basis. The program has expanded to include other family members such as grandparents, aunts & uncles, retired teachers and senior citizens from the community. They help out in many different areas. A sampling of volunteer opportunities include the following:




    1. Working in the copy production room weekly
    2. Working in the library shelving books and assisting students
    3. Helping supervise in our cafeteria during lunch periods
    4. Working in the classroom assisting the teacher with decorations/bulletin boards, special projects, marking papers, etc.
    5. Working one-to-one with children to reinforce their reading/math skills
    6. Special events such as our Teddy Bear Clinic



    As you can see, the volunteer opportunities are varied, and the only skills that are needed are caring adults who want to become an active part of a student's life. We hope you will contact the school and volunteer a few hours and become a Walt Disney School Volunteer.


    You may contact the Volunteer Coordinator of the Disney School by calling 247-3151.