From The Diary Of Leigh Botts

  • From the Diary of Leigh Botts
    from Dear. Mr. Henshaw, by Beverly Cleary

    Target Comprehension Skill: Sequence

    - Sequence is the order in which things happen.

    - Keeping track of the sequence of events will help you better understand what you read.

    - By arranging events in sequence, you can see how one thing leads to another.

    - Clue words to look for include: then, after, meanwhile, during, first

    Grammar Skill: Sentence


    Spelling Words- From the Diary of Leigh Botts

    1. army

    2. starve

    3. scar

    4. garbage

    5. argue

    6. apartment

    7. guitar

    8. Arkansas

    9. hamburger

    10. return

    11. purpose

    12. surface

    13. curl

    14. purse

    15. furniture

    16. courage

    17. journal

    18. courtesy

    19. nourish

    20. journey