Lets Make Some ART!

    Hi Panthers!

    The cool thing about visual art is there are so many different ways to make it AND you don't have to have an artroom to do it in. Right now you probably have things where you are that can be used to create art. Recycled copy paper, cardboard, shoe boxes, pencils,crayons and tons of other things, you just need to think about what you can do with them! 


    ***NEW*** On the "Cool and Fun Stuff" Page there has been a project posted for all grade levels. Like I said, your studio or where you create art can be ANYWHERE! This project is about Environmental/Nature Art so....... you can create it outside! All the information and how to's are located on the "Fun and Cool Stuff" page. Please, check out the project and send images to me at my e-mail (penny_smith@gateschili.org) I will post them for you on my web page. (or Mr. D. might on the main page.)


    I also hope you have been able to check out some of the websites found on the "Cool and Fun Stuff" page. New and different sites have been added there each week for students to explore and try out. I will leave these up so you can still try them. Pleases remember, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VISIT ALL THE SITES. Just choose the ones you think sound interesting and check them out.


    I can't wait to see your artwork! Stay safe friends, miss you, Mrs. Smith