• Paul Road Technology Support
    Mrs. Backus 



    I work with your children in the classroom and support technology within the Paul Road building. 

    Students and teachers alike enjoy the interaction and fun way of learning using the "Smartboard", and laptop/tablet devices. All classes grade K-5 have access to laptops in their classroom and are enhancing their classroom curriculum.

    Students are taught a variety of software programs.  Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, are taught as early as 1st grade.  Many online subscription websites are available for use for classroom instruction and research under supervision. Students also use Microsoft Office 365 and Schoology.

    Each classroom has a Smartboard for instruction. Laptop carts are available in the classroom and provide each classroom student access to a laptop.

    Paul Road School also provides several e-readers that students may use during "read to self" time. Teachers also read classroom favorite e-books to the class. Kindergarten and First grade students have the opportunity during "read to self" with a Leap Frog TAG system. There are many favorite books that the students love to rotate through!

    Students have also participated in distance learning through the use of technology in their classroom. They have connected to authors and enjoy the "live" interaction with them. Students listen to books being read and get to ask questions about books they have read by the author.  Students have connected with other classrooms across New York State as well. 

    It is a pleasure to work with your children during the 2018-2019 school year.

     Mrs. Backus

    Mrs. Backus